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Thanks for giving Life Tree Service a visit on the world wide web. We have established ourselves as one of the best arbor care services in the Taos, New Mexico area and surrounding region. We’ve included a multitude of information on this website. Among other things, you will be able to find information on the services that we offer as well as our company background and history. On this page, we’ve included an overview of our mission as arborists providing tree service to the community. In addition, you’ll find some words from our very own customers on what they think about our services.

Our Mission

We understand that there are many great tree services out there in the world. We also realize that we all do pretty much the same thing at pretty much the same price. However, we are more concerned with theĀ how than theĀ what. If you view things from this kind of mindset, this is where we see ourselves set apart from your average tree company.

Here at Life Tree, we are committed to providing friendly service to our customers. This is not just because we want people to think positively of us or give us good reviews. We strive to provide the friendliest service possible because we view our customers as our neighbors. In such a small region and part of the country of Taos, we strongly embrace the sense of community that we have here. As a result, you can count on us to be responsible and diligent in our work while treating our customers with kindness and respect.

While our intention of this company was just to provide a helpful service to our fellow New Mexicans, our mission has carried us to new heights as a business, and for that we are thankful. There are so many people saying nice things about us and what we do that we have included a review from one of our customers. Keep on reading down below to see what it’s all about!



“I have never ever in my life done business with any service of any kind that has operated with the same kindness and sincerity as Life Tree. A few months ago, I had some branches that were growing dangerously close to the power lines at my house. I was worried that they could break and cause the power lines to go down if a storm came through the area. So, I decided to call a tree service to get the branches trimmed.

I called several services, but even the secretary’s manner of speaking at Life Tree was so genuine and honest that I decided to go with them. I’m definitely glad that I did! They came the next day to survey my property and see which branches needed to be cut. Then, they went ahead and took care of the branches right away. They charged me an honest amount and cleared the branches away. The whole process was so quick and pleasant that I would not hesitate to contact Life Tree if I ever need any arbor care again. Thanks, guys!



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